So…although I have had more time to be ‘productive,’ I started to sleep in more, feel better, but basically ended up doing less. I think I need to make my wakeup time 8:00am on a regular basis just to be more productive during the day—it truly was a nice feeling.

This quarantine time makes you so…lazy and idle. We could all be doing much more with our time, but instead you just end up watching Youtube or passively browsing Instagram feeds all day…jesus, so much time wasted.

Like, I cannot believe half of my Spring Break is already over! OMG. Jesus.

I didn’t touch my koto nor my calligraphy brush at all this month. I also cannot believe how much time has passed since I’ve last been at the dojo…it’s weird. I’m a bit terrified to see how out of breath I’ll be when I get back to the dojo.

However, I did begin to turn the wheels for a few back burner projects. I have also been making coffee at home everyday and love seeing the lack of coffee charges on my credit card statement—it feels empowering to really be able to actually track your spending,  seeing how much money you can save, and really feeling as though you have total control over your finances. It is nice to have that extra cash to be able to spend it on more fun stuff. As someone under student loan debt in a low-paying industry, it really feels great to finally feel financial empowerment like this.

Although I do admit, grocery bills have been going up 😅 but, it still is affordable.

The other day I taught my first virtual online naginata class via. Zoom—it was great to see Charlotte actually pull this idea together and see how she ran things during her session. I was honestly thinking about doing this with my dojo, but just couldn’t get together an intense enough curriculum and also maybe thinking that maybe everyone needs ‘a break’ so that they are even more motivated to come back once this quarantine gets lifted.

Although the physical training of naginata is limited to someone living in an urban environment, the mental side of naginata training is still available and should be done during this time. Arguably, it’s harder and requires more discipline to get the mental side down during this coronavirus crisis. Maybe actually scheduling it in works?…

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