My Uncle died..

My phone started buzzing at around 12:50am. Shawn looked at it and I saw that it kept ringing and my dad’s Snorlax caller ID photo appeared. It took me a second to realize that old saying, “If there’s a phone call late in the night, then it’s never about a good thing…” so I picked it up.

“Katie, Moto just departed a few minutes ago…”


“He just departed. Ok?”



“Ok, bye.”

I wasn’t shocked, I knew it would come eventually. Tbh, I felt as though I “lost” my uncle a few years ago when he had that kidney failure leading to some brain damage due to low oxygen levels in his brain. He just never was the same again, where he would be interacting like a normal person and would be telling dirty jokes and cursing all the time.

But, when I heard that, I went back to bed and couldn’t go immediately back to sleep. I didn’t start crying nor did I feel a heavy amount of sadness–instead, my mind just went through playing a rush of all my memories with him like a projector. It’s then that I got a little sad and wanted to release a tear, but didn’t.

Then the timing today was absolutely GREAT. I had to teach 5th Grade Boys Health and we had to talk about ‘Death’ during our Stages of Life Lesson. Lovely. The kids had some strong reactions about it and didn’t want to talk about it, so I just told them that I had a hard time teaching them today because my uncle died. I should’ve said that, ‘It’s difficult, but it’s just part of the process of life’ but I guess what I emphasized instead was just that others feel the same way and you’re not alone.

Can’t have a funeral either because of the coronavirus.

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