What I also learned from plants:

One thing I struggled with a lot, was what people thought about me. I think I have finally come to terms with the fact that no matter what you do or say, haters are going to hate and that’s ok. That it’s ok to let go of people who aren’t who you thought they were.. or to acknowledge that deep down they are exactly who you knew they were, you just tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes it’s better to cut your losses and move on.


I am glad that I’m not the only “crazy”one, I guess this is just a normal thing to happen.

I am also getting very sick of this coronalife…I want to be back at the dojo all the time and actually doing things. I’ve never had my body feel this out of shape before–however, it was interesting to see all of the subtle and small muscles naginata makes stronger, and see why we take them for granted.

Finding myself again

Recently bought orchids, thinking about buying another rabbit. It’s funny, these were ‘old things’ that I did (also doing it under pressures of being broke), and it’s been a long while. While I have learned new things and I guess have made the new things part of me during the ‘changing process’/losing myself, I guess COVID-19 prevented myself from derailing further and made me find myself again. I feel better, and I think I’ll come back more powerful and knowledgeable than before.


So for some reason, I have real good timing with plant investments. Not with the rest of the things in my life, though lol.

I decided to take a risk and just go for this opportunity in getting, “the unicorn plant.” Hopefully, everything will go well and it’ll arrive here ok.

I decided to do a little experiment with investing in both my savings, ROTH IRA, stocks, and plants, just to how the cash flow changes over time within these 4 categories. I also want to see why people, whom choose these particular financial paths, just stick with one path and what benefits they experience with it. I just need to equally match the investment amounts to make it fair. Bleh.

I’ll be with nothing, and I need to go back to my original frugal lifestyle pre-promotion (yeah, I did fall for that “lifestyle inflation” trap), but perhaps I just needed this “reset button” in order to really start over with my finances. I think I’m in a different place than before, and now with quarantine, I can just live super frugally compared to before and see how the finances play out.

Hopefully, my vendor will approve and my unicorn plant will arrive ok. If not, I do have another backup but we’ll see.

Quarantine helps with fulfilling shopping bucket lists

Yesterday, I was able to get the IKEA Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig Coffee Table that I’ve always wanted:

IKEA Sinnerlig Coffee Table

The table is made out of light cork (omg my color scheme!) and goes super well with my style. I remember first seeing this on the IKEA website and having it not be available immediately, and I couldn’t find it in the stores. Ugh, it was sold out quickly, I saw a listing on Amazon for like 3x the price, and a bunch of other ppl trying to look for the same thing.

Luckily, I took the advice from some of the posts in the plant Facebook groups that I’m a part of about looking at Facebook Marketplace for some deals–



Was worried that since the listing was 2 months old, that maybe the seller sold it but didn’t update it, but I still took a risk and messaged them.

TO MY LUCK, it was still available!

I even was able to get a nice SOMA water filter/pitcher that I plan to donate to the dojo as well:

I remember Nuda having these and thinking, “OMG I LOVE the design!”

Now though, I”m searching for the rest of the Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig collection…it’s very hard to find it, especially since a lot of ppl have their old listing images pop up on the Google Image Search. But, I’m not giving up.

I am also still looking for these Lululemon Raspberry Glo Leggings:

But I have found other raspberry glo items! I think the quarantine is getting ppl to sell a lot of things they wouldn’t have sold otherwise, so it’s a great chance to makeup all the stuff you missed out on in the initial round (either due to finances or whatnot). I already have a list of other things I’m planning to get.

But of course, there’s always a bunch of stuff that still doesn’t seem to be up…especially accessories..bleh.

My post graduation/thesis haul is gonna be cray cray…I’ll post it up later!

EdM. Zoom Graduation Party

“…despite all the stuff that she was going through, the fact that Katie finished today was amazing—and Katie didn’t finish her project because she ‘had to,’ she did it because she wanted to” – Nich


So…although I have had more time to be ‘productive,’ I started to sleep in more, feel better, but basically ended up doing less. I think I need to make my wakeup time 8:00am on a regular basis just to be more productive during the day—it truly was a nice feeling.

This quarantine time makes you so…lazy and idle. We could all be doing much more with our time, but instead you just end up watching Youtube or passively browsing Instagram feeds all day…jesus, so much time wasted.

Like, I cannot believe half of my Spring Break is already over! OMG. Jesus.

I didn’t touch my koto nor my calligraphy brush at all this month. I also cannot believe how much time has passed since I’ve last been at the dojo…it’s weird. I’m a bit terrified to see how out of breath I’ll be when I get back to the dojo.

However, I did begin to turn the wheels for a few back burner projects. I have also been making coffee at home everyday and love seeing the lack of coffee charges on my credit card statement—it feels empowering to really be able to actually track your spending,  seeing how much money you can save, and really feeling as though you have total control over your finances. It is nice to have that extra cash to be able to spend it on more fun stuff. As someone under student loan debt in a low-paying industry, it really feels great to finally feel financial empowerment like this.

Although I do admit, grocery bills have been going up 😅 but, it still is affordable.

The other day I taught my first virtual online naginata class via. Zoom—it was great to see Charlotte actually pull this idea together and see how she ran things during her session. I was honestly thinking about doing this with my dojo, but just couldn’t get together an intense enough curriculum and also maybe thinking that maybe everyone needs ‘a break’ so that they are even more motivated to come back once this quarantine gets lifted.

Although the physical training of naginata is limited to someone living in an urban environment, the mental side of naginata training is still available and should be done during this time. Arguably, it’s harder and requires more discipline to get the mental side down during this coronavirus crisis. Maybe actually scheduling it in works?…


One of the most rewarding (passive) activities to do is houseplant care.

Kinda like budo, you have to learn how to ‘nurture’ and take care of others (it’s something that my wise dorm security guard told me); houseplants are a great way to start to practice that.

I never put a crazy amount of work into plants to keep them alive–I always just remembered from Elementary School how plants essentially need sunlight and water…very simple.

I think a lot of people just forget to do it on a regular, scheduled basis, hence why a lot of plants die. My plants at MoHo always lived and grew super big, while my roommate’s and friends had theirs die…

I first got into plants when I visited the Netherlands (a super agricultural country) in 2012 and saw how many beautiful colors the orchids had—I also saw many of the big windows display them so beautifully. I could only imagine how happy those plants were just bathing in the sunlight 😂.

I grew my own…had like 12 orchids at one point. It was real cool to see them rebloom with my weekly watering and fertilizing schedule. I had them for a while until I had to move outta my dorm and had my friend with good windows take care of them..unfortunately, they had too strong of sunlight and didn’t do the consistent watering schedule…so yeah, they all eventually died 🙁 Even my lovely pink ones…

My current favorite plant is my Pink Princess Philodendron (gee, I wonder why :P). I didn’t think I would ever like a houseplant that didn’t bloom flowers, but since this one had some natural pink…hmm…

Philodendrons, in general, are apparently on NASA’s list of air purifying plants…so I figured that it would be a useful plant that can help kill 2 birds with one stone; provide aesthetically pleasing beauty while being healthy 😛

My coworker then began to teach me the whole way of “propagation”–my god, had no idea that you can basically ‘regenerate’ a lot of plants by breaking off a piece…that was so alien to me, because I always thought that if a flower or leaf was picked from a tree, that it would die because of the lack of nutrients…

Nope, not with a lot of houseplants…especially aroids:

I can essentially grow MORE of this pink beauty and even sell it!!!

It was nice to use up my nice pots that I cannot put soil in…A lot of houseplants habits that Baba did made more sense now. It was cool to see this, and this is a completely new realm that I’m starting to get to know and get used to.

The most amazing thing is seeing the new roots grow on a cutting…it’s sooo fucken cool. I also heard that with this particular plant, that once you make a cutting, the new growths on the original mother plant will have MOAR PINK variegation!!! 🤩🤩🤩

This plant also got very expensive, so I’m hoping that this thing will grow and I can sell this to help pay off for some stuff. They propagate rather easily:

I think because of this coronavirus outbreak and the order of being forced to work at home, I have been less exhausted at the end of the day, resulting in me being able to do my chores and maintenance tasks. The daily commute time, the daily makeup routine, etc.. have now been eliminated, so I can actually have enough energy and time to just properly organize and maintain my plants (oh my god, sooo much time wasted commuting!). NOW I can water my plants on a weekly basis and stuff, which helps keep the plants healthy and growing, resulting in me being able to see the positive changes that occur.

It has also been interesting to see how plants adapt and change when you cut it:

If you have a big, nice window, I recommend you getting a houseplant and watering it on a weekly basis. You can just look at the soil to see if it’s super dry–you’ll know. Or, if the leaves are sad and droopy, that means it’s real dehydrated. It’s a lot of fun to see and it’s also a good way to spend time at home during quarantine, without infecting others outside 😛

I have also began to grow appreciation for other (pink) plants:

My god…those beautiful, aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts are dangerous for shopaholics like moi…

But yeah, now that it’s transitioning to Spring and we are having our days longer, I’ll probably notice some more new growths 🙂

Especially from, my god, my variegated monstera albo borsigiana…jesus christ, that thing seriously needs to grow a new leaf…

But yeah, that’s for another time. I’ll also talk about my semihydroponics journey with houseplants and seeing how much easier it is to take care of healthy houseplants with this new growing medium.

Until then, order some houseplants online so that you don’t need to go outside! You can have them delivered to your door and you can order some cute pots to put them in!

For some beginner houseplants, I recommend the following:

  • Pilea pepperomioides
  • Monstera deliciosa
  • Sweetheart hoya
  • Variegated string of hearts
  • Moonstone succulent
  • Phalaenopsis orchid (make sure you fill your sink with water and have the plant soak in it, so that the water can go from the bottom–>up).

These are all plants that I’ve personally had and grew very quickly. Some of my other favorites have had slow growth, regardless of regular care. I’ll go more into those later.

In any case, have fun! I think any plant, even the difficult ones, are manageable so as long as you put the time and energy into the research and care! The internet has also been the best marketplace to buy any plant you want (don’t go basic and just buy that wtvr basic snake plant from Home Depot…come on now…).