Finding myself again

Recently bought orchids, thinking about buying another rabbit. It’s funny, these were ‘old things’ that I did (also doing it under pressures of being broke), and it’s been a long while. While I have learned new things and I guess have made the new things part of me during the ‘changing process’/losing myself, I guess COVID-19 prevented myself from derailing further and made me find myself again. I feel better, and I think I’ll come back more powerful and knowledgeable than before.


So for some reason, I have real good timing with plant investments. Not with the rest of the things in my life, though lol.

I decided to take a risk and just go for this opportunity in getting, “the unicorn plant.” Hopefully, everything will go well and it’ll arrive here ok.

I decided to do a little experiment with investing in both my savings, ROTH IRA, stocks, and plants, just to how the cash flow changes over time within these 4 categories. I also want to see why people, whom choose these particular financial paths, just stick with one path and what benefits they experience with it. I just need to equally match the investment amounts to make it fair. Bleh.

I’ll be with nothing, and I need to go back to my original frugal lifestyle pre-promotion (yeah, I did fall for that “lifestyle inflation” trap), but perhaps I just needed this “reset button” in order to really start over with my finances. I think I’m in a different place than before, and now with quarantine, I can just live super frugally compared to before and see how the finances play out.

Hopefully, my vendor will approve and my unicorn plant will arrive ok. If not, I do have another backup but we’ll see.

I’m back…

Well, it’s been a while since I posted on a public blog. But after a long break away and figuring out the difference between “public” vs. “private,” I decided to just give this another shot and seeing where I can go with this.

I’ve always loved beauty blogs/Youtube channels, but I figured it would be too repetitive if I joined that realm, so I reflected further, and realized that there is nothing out there about budo–specifically, budo product reviews and just what people do with budo that is simply outside of just pure technique and physical training.

If Budo is supposed to be a way of life, and what you learn inside the dojo is supposed to be carried out to the outside world, then there must be more to budo practitioners than just hours of practicing techniques.

So here I am, trying to combine the fields of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and other girly things with budo. I may also attempt to do a Youtube channel as well.

We’ll see how this goes! Wish me good luck everyone!